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its performance are of such a nature, that the best among us may do something that we did not in- tend doing, the mere fact that such an error was not always attended by fatal results in no way lessens the potential danger of the procedure. I do not believe that there is a gynaecologist in the land who will regard with complacency an accidental puncture of the uterine wall. All must be in accord with the author of the paper that such accidents Atorvastatin Generic Availability occur and no harm is done ; and we must agree with him in his statement that the dull curette may perforate the uterine wall as Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin readily as the sharp. Nearly all of the accidents that have occurred within my personal knowledge were due to forcible dilatation which may occur Atorvastatin Brand Names in experienced hands. In abdominal surgery we have the reverse of these conditions. Here we are dealing with an operation of precision. We can see and feel what is before us and deal with it directly. In curettement we have an operation of indecision. With touch prolonged to the end of a' piece of steel, with uterine Atorvastatin Fenofibrate tissue forcibly stretched by the action of an automatic instru- ment, sometimes actuated by a screw instead of the pressure of the hand, guided by neither sight nor touch, the surgeon cannot be decided as to what he is Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg doing. The only safe thing about it is that he brings to his task trained muscles and ripe experience. The division of operative gynaecology into major and minor may have a certain influence in inducing inexperienced men to attempt the operation. This will not, however, explain the fact that two of the men referred to in my article of October Atorvastatin Ca 10, 1903, Discount Atorvastatin were attached to hospital staffs, one in a large city and the other in a small town. These men were doing " major " surgery. One of the men. Dr. Craig none too severely criticises when he says that " of an individual who fails to recognize the intestine when he has it in his sight and in his hands, and proceeds to scrape a hole in it, nothing in this connection need be said." This, however, is the very connection in which he must be reckoned with. "Any Atorvastatin Canada opera- tion," our author concludes, " would be danger- ous in such hands and no conclusions need be drawn as to the danger of such occurrences." This man was an abdominal surgeon and was do- ing this class of work with average Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg success. The other man, who lives not many miles from Bos- ton, is also a hospital surgeon and doing abdom- inal work with credit to himself and to his hos- pital, I am Atorvastatin Calcium Generic told. It is very evident that it will not do to reach hasty conclusions in Teva Atorvastatin this matter; nor will it sim- plify the solution of the problem to say that cu- rettement is safe in safe hands. We conclude from these facts that one may operate with the average safety in one department of gynaecic surgery and be absolutely unsafe in another. Is this anoma- lous state of affairs due to the Atorvastatin Trials operator alone, or may it be due to the nature of the operation and the character of the instruments employed, or is it a mixed condition involving all? Judging from the class of work in general sur- gery that I see about me, the best is done by the physicians who are good mechanics and who be- gan young; the poor work is done by physicians approaching middle life who have gone wrong. Every man who has bestowed some normal in- dwelling upon his own limitations ought to real- ize that he can neither train old muscles to do new things nor can Atorvastatin Spc he educate into being new special faculties. Excepting one, all of the opera- tions referred to in my paper were performed b}^ men who became gynaecologists at or past middle life. Dr. Craig describes a carefully planned series of antiseptic precautions in preparing a patient for curettement. The result is that he never has the septic complications that Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets so often occur in the surgical work of the inexperienced surgeon. Our author is perfectly right in stating that these pre- cautions would make the operation safe from sep- sis at Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate any hands.. This is the view taken by the text book writer and the teacher. I feel assured that this is a mistake. The experienced surgeon thinks in terms of his antiseptic technique ; each act is a step as it were to Atorvastatin Ppt a logical conclusion. What he does is the result of conviction induced by long and patient Sandoz Atorvastatin self training, rather than by teaching. The mistake exists in the fact that they assume that the old doctor can be induced to follow these essentials Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics in every detail Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin by teach- Ma 1905]

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