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variola was at its best, a hundred years ago ; at the present time it is a misnomer. Chickenpo.x can give a much more variously and numerously spotted condition of the skin than is found in many cases of smallpox. Far preferable is the beautifully descriptive synonym, crystalli, for the crystal clear vesicle is the most characteristic lesion. The positive diagnosis of any of the exanthe- mata must be made from the eruption. This is especially true of chickenpox, for all celebrex 100 other symp- toms are very variable. There may be, in adults, intense backache and high fever during invasion, or there may be in any case practically no con- stitutional disturbance. The eruption, however, presents in character of individual lesions 200 celebrex and in distribution, certain constants, without the pres- ence of which, or the evidence of such presence formerlv, the diagnosis must not be made. celebrex celebrex 1064 SOMERSET: DIAGNOSIS OF CHICKENPOX. The lesions appear first and are most celebrex buy numer- ous on 200 mg celebrex the trunk. They are in their initial stage macules, but the macular period of any individ- ual lesion is very brief. One must hurry to reach a case before some vesicles have put in an appear- celebrex 100mg ance. Here, as in smallpox, exudation begins as soon as the lesion appears. In smallpox, the exudate is sufficiently deeph' what is celebrex seated to' require a day or two to form a vesicle ; in chickenpox, as 200mg celebrex many hours suffice. The chickenpox vesicle varies in size and color; in size, from that of a pin head to a split pea ; in color, celebrex online from clear and transparent to pearl gray and opaque, according to the proportion of the exudative products. A smallpox vesicle undergoes umbilication during its progressive development. Exudation is still going on and obliterates the umbilicus in the pus- tular stage. The chickenpox lesion, during the entire time of its advancement, is convex, rounded out, full. In its retrograde stage, due to either rupture or dessication, the top of the bleb be- celebrex mg comes flattened or even depressed. Such a con- dition is readily distinguishable by sight or touch. Having in most situations a very thin epidermal covering (so thin, indeed, that it is scarcely appre- ciable to the eye), the cost celebrex vesicle celebrex purchase of varicella is easily ruptured — very slight pressure from hands or clothing being sufficient. celebrex coupons It results from this con- dition that a case almost from the first presents many broken down lesions. These lesions are then sores, open to infection from without, and many of them go on to the formation of pus, which will frequently be found forming a white ring around the depressed scab. Unruptured le- sions containing purulent exudate occur coupon for celebrex in severe cases. They are always relatively few in num- ber. Where the epidermis is thickened, as on palms and soles — both of which varicella frequently in- vades — the exudate may be unable to raise a blis- ter. The lesions in such situations remain deeply seated and are indistinguishable from correspond- ingly placed lesions of smallpox. The rest of the eruption must be taken into consideration. Briefly, then, varicella, seen early in its course, presents many clear, convex, fully rounded out blebs; seen late, many of these will be found rup- tured, probabl)' pustular, and surrounded by quite extensive areolae, due to infection from without. It is. perhaps, worth remembering that a chicken- pox vesicle may be drained empty through celebrex price a sin- gle pin prick. The distribution of the lesions is also distinc- tive. They are always discrete ; never being suffi- ciently numerous to produce celebrex coupon a confluent eruption. On the other hand, their number is seldom, if ever, reduced to three or four. If such cases do occur, these few will surely be found on the trunk. Any case presenting a few lesions on the face, or on the extremities, and nothing elsewhere, is not varicella. In any case of this disease, be the le- sions few or many, there will be more lesions on the trunk celecoxib celebrex than elsewhere. In any case of variola, with a discrete or confluent eruption, there will be more lesions on the face than on any other equivalent area ; except in those few, but un- doubted, cases in which the whole number of le- sions is, say, a half dozen or less. These three or' four lesions may occur anywhere, segregated or far apart. It coupons for celebrex is said that the eruption of chicken- pox appears in successive crops and that lesions, drying down, in full development, and just ap- pearing, may be found side by side. This is true, but smallpox may present the same conditions cost of celebrex — with this difference, however : in smallpox, sucb

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