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nouncement of the establishment of a new school of anatomy was confirmed. The board of direc- tors held a meeting and ratified the faculty elec- tion. Twenty Thousand Dollars for Mount Sinai Nurses. — With the object of oft'ering generic diflucan no prescription an induce- ment to the pupils of the Mount Sinai Training School generic diflucan cost for Nurses to obtain the highest possible proficiency, Mr. Murry how much diflucan cost Guggenheim has estab- lished a fund of $20,000, the income from which shall be applied to create twelve scholarships of one hundred dollars each annually, subject to the following regulations and conditions : First, six of these scholarships to be assigned to junior pupils, generic diflucan fluconazole three to senior pupils and three to mem- bers of the graduating class. By the attainment of suitable proficiency any nurse can secure all three scholarships during the term of her tuition. Second, the scholarships to be awarded at the annual graduation exercises, taking place in May buy generic diflucan online of each year, together with a pin for each grad- uating nurse securing one or more scholarships, engraved diflucan cost with insurance Murry Guggenheim Scholarship, to- gether with the numerals indicating the year or years in which the scholarship was secured. Third, scholarships to be awarded to those nurses in each class who shall generic diflucan online have displayed the high- est degree of proficiency diflucan 150 costo in accordance with the diflucan cost without insurance existing method of rating. Fourth, the fund to be known as the Murry Guggenheim Scholarship Fund. PHILADELPHIA. Scientific Society Meetings for the Week End- ing June 3, 1905. — Thursday, June ist. Obstet- rical Society. Friday, June 2nd, American Phi- losophical Society. Marriage. — Dr. T. K. Means, of Geneva, N. Y., and Miss Anna Marie Wolfe were married on May i6th. The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy diflucan gel costo held its commencement exercises on May 14th, 15th, diflucan compresse costo and i6th. On the 14th Dr. David M. Steele de- livered the baccalaureate costo del diflucan sermon generic diflucan 150 mg and on the 15th the alumni association gave a reception to the graduating class, at which Dr. Henry Beates, Jr., delivered an address, and the alumni prizes were awarded. The class numbered 127. Entertainments in Aid of Charities. — discount diflucan A public tea and reception were given on the grounds of the Jewish Hospital on May 17th for the purpose of allowing inspection of the grounds and build- ings. The Enterprise Dramatic Club gave an ama- teur theatrical entertainment on May i6th for the benefit of St. Agnes's Hospital. Charitable Bequests. — By the will of Joseph Louchheim, probated May i6th, the Jewish Ma- ternity Home receives $1,000; the Jewish Hos- pital, $1,000; the United Hebrew Charities. $500; the Jewish Foster Home, $500. diflucan cost These bequests are made on consideration of the foundation of a free pfizer diflucan costo bed, memorial, or other remembrance of the testator. Jewish Maternity Hospital Nurses Graduate. — On May 17th Miss Monterey Elizabeth Mcin- tosh, of Wilmington, N. C. ; Miss Catherine Burns, Miss Henrietta Mumford MacClellan, and Miss Daisy Margaret Burke, of Philadelphia; and Miss Lillie Margaret Clover, of Paterson, N. diflucan 150 mg costo J., graduated from the training school of the Jewish Maternity Hospital. Dr. David Riesman deliv- ered the generic diflucan over counter address. The Health diflucan costo of the City. — During the week end- ing May 13, IQ05, the following cases of trans- missible diseases were reported to the Bureau of Health : Cases. Deaths. Typhoid fever 1^5 23 Scarlet fever 31 2 Chickenpox B7 " Diphtheria 54 11 Cerebrospinai meningitis 5 2 Measles '?3 1 Whooping poiigh 22 2 Tuberculosis of tile lungs 37 61 Pneunioni.T 26 28

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