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Brvsipelas " 1 Tetanus - The following deaths from other transmissible diseases were reported : Dilantin 500 Mg Tuberculosis, other than tuberculosis of the lungs, 9; diarrhoea and enter- itis, under two years, 14. The total deaths were 455. in an estimated population of 1,438,318; cor- responding to an annual death rate of 16.45 P^'' 1,000 population. The total infant mortality was 82: 71 under one year, and 11 between one and two years. There were 32 still births, 14 males Dilantin 125 and Dilantin Pharmacology is females. No unusual meteorological phe- nomena Dilantin 30 Mg were reported by the weather bureau. Woman's Medical College. — The fifty-third annual commencement of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania was held on May 17th. Fifty-two women from all parts of the world, in- 1076 NEIVS ITEMS. eluding Armenia and China, received Cheap Dilantin diplomas. Miss Li Bi Cu, of Huighua, China, received high honors. On the i6th the graduating class gave a dinner in the gmynasium of the college. The following is the list of graduates : Edith V. Beall, Malta L. Berry, Agnes M. Carothers, Margaret S. Crockett, Mary E. Conser, Li Dilantin 350 Mg Bi Cu, Eveleen A. Douredoure, Mary R. Findlater, 'C. B. H. Gilmore, Aga- vine Gilbakian, Elfie Graff, Lucinda B. Hatch, Blanca H. Hillman, Milhcent B. Hopkins, Alice E. Johnson, Mary E. Jones, Edith C. Kline, Florence E. Kraker, Marie G. Lang- don, EHzabeth F. Lewis, S. M. Lichtenwalner, Ethel M. Lyon, Margaret Mace, Myrtelle M. Moore, Winnie K. Mount, Genevieve A. Neil, Abbie M. O'Keefe, Mathilda Osborne, Helen P. Proctor, Jacobina S. Reddie, Annie M. Robinson, Maude W. Dilantin 150 Mg Satchell, Marcella Dilantin Xr L, Schweitzer, Katharine B. Scott, Mary F. Shedwick, Rose B. Sheridan, Alice W. Smith, Florence L Staunton, Alice A. Steffian, Annie H. Thomas, Dilantin 400 Mg Edith T. Waldie, Lucy M. Warner. . Appropriations for Charitable Purposes Ap- proved by Governor Pennypacker. — The practice of appropriating public money for the support of private cjiarities in Pennsylvania has grown until it is now considered a part of the duty of each legislature to pass bills aggregating Dilantin 330 Mg many mil- lions of dollars for the partial support Dilantin Ex of hospitals, etc. The legislature received a report from the State Board of Charities early Dilantin 1 G in the Dilantin 50 Mg year, in which appropriations were recommended for va- rious institutions of the kind mentioned. The list of Philadelphia hospitals and homes with the rec- ommended appropriation for each will be found on page 241 of our issue of February 4th. The legislature frequently appropriates more money to some institutions than the State Board of Chari- ties recommends and Dilantin 250 Mg the Governor has to reduce the appropriation made to correspond with the income of the Commonwealth. As the Public Ledger said editorially, in its issue of May 14th: Dilantin 230 Mg ". . . The Too Much Dilantin Governor has done his ' scaling down,' according to his best judgment . . , but such an exercise of judgment ought not to be required of any one man." We give a list Dilantin 600 Mg of Philadelphia medical charities and the Dilantin 130 Mg amount of public money each will receive after the cut Dilantin 200 Mg made by the Governor has been deducted from the leg- islative appropriation : University of Pennsylvania and Hospital, $350,000; Jef- ferson Medical College Hospital, $260,000; Medico-Chirur- .gical College Hospital, $225,000; Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital, $65,000; Woman's Medical Colllege Hospital, $25,- 000; St. Timothy's Hospital, $24,500; Kensington Hospital for Women, $5,000 ; Rush Hospital for Consumptives, $50,- 000; St. Mary's Hospital, $15,000; St. Joseph's Hospital, $22,000; St. Agnes's Hospital, $40,000; St. Christopher's Hospital, $15,000; Philadelphia Lying-in Charity, $12,500; Orthopaedic Hospital, $27,000; Maternity Hospital, $5,000; Gynaecean Hospital, $25,000; Samaritan' Hospital, $80,000; German Hospital, $50,000; Howard Hospital, $7,000; West Philadelphia Hospital for Women, $7,500; Wills's Eye Hospital, $40,000; Frankford Hospital, $50,000; Jewish Hos- pital, $15,000; Frederick Douglas Hospital (for colored patients), $12,000; Woman's Hospital, $35,000; Northern Home for the Friendless, $11,500; Nazarene Home, $7,500; Rosine Home, $4,000; Friends' Home for Children, $4,000; Philadelphia Working Home for Blind Men, $35,000; Home for Aged "Veterans, $7,500; Home for the Aged, $4,000; Old Ladies' Home, $7,000; Hayes Mechanics' Home, $4,000; Evangelical Home, $2,000; Philadelphia Protectory, $50,- 000; Home for Incurables, $10,000; House of the Good Shepherd, $13,000; St. "Vincent's Home, $2,500; Pennsyl- vania Anti-Cruelty Society, $5,000. It has been said that Governor Pennypacker has made his cuts without apparent reason, ex-

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