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to Gastric Dilatation. — Pond refers to dilatation as the result of a change which has taken place in the elemental dynamics of digestion. The cause may have persisted for weeks or for years, and may finpecia 1 mg be either mechanical or pathological. The finpecia online finpecia cost mechanical cause may be within the stomach or without. The latter may consist in the pressure of a tumor or a misplaced organ, the former may consist of the scar of a corrosion or ulcer, spas- modic action order finpecia of the pylorus, or finpecia canada carcinoma of the pylorus. The pathological causes may be atonic or atrophic. The symptoms are pain, either dull or acute finpecia 1mg according to the physical conditions, spasm of the pylorus, vomiting, etc. The opera- tion of choice is gastroenterostomy, unless suffi- cient dilatation can be had by invagination. The simplest procedure that promises the greatest benefit to the patient is gastroplication. The ob- jection to this operation has been that it leaves the mucous membrane in rugae or in one large fold which permits the finpecia price retention of fermenting con- tents of the stomach and causes recurrence of the symptoms. The author has so modified the operation that these objections are overcome. 8. Gunshot Wound of the Pancreas. — Connell finds twenty recorded cases of this injury in nine of which there was recovery. Twelve were oper- ated in with seven recoveries, the operation be- ing performed from one buy finpecia online to nine hours after the injury. There are no pathognomonic or even sug- gestive symptoms of injury of the pancreas in gunshot wounds of the abdomen. The probable course of the bullet is the chief guide. In wounds of where to buy finpecia the lesser omentum and the finpecia online pharmacy posterior wall of the stomach injury of the pancreas must be ex- cluded before the abdomen is closed. 9. Hydrocele in the Female. — Halstead and Clark adopt Rignoli's classification of this lesion into five groups : i. Diffuse hydrocele or hydrocele of the cellular tissue about the round ligament : 2. fluid in the canal of Nuck communicating with the free peritoneal finpecia hair loss cavity ; 3, buy finpecia uk finpecia fda fluid finpecia uk in the vaginal process, not communicating with the peritoneal cavity, encysted hydrocele ; 4, encysted hydrocele in the connective tissue about the round finpecia india ligament ; 5. fluid in the remains of an old hernial sac. A mistaken diagnosis of hernia is often made in this condition. If the possibility of an hydrocele is kept in mind the condition may be determined without operation. The presence of a tense, elas- tic, fluctuating swelling in the inguinal canal, or extending below the external ring, which has developed slowly, without known cause and gives no imnulse on coughing will suggest hydrocele. Operation will reveal the presence of fluid in the >ac. A hydrocele and a hernia finpecia cipla may coexist. The >afest diagnostic procedure is incision, and this is nlso the most rational therapeutical measure. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS. May, 1903. 1 . The Technics of Abdominal and Vaginal Operations for the Relief cheap finpecia of Fibromyomatous Tiunors of the Uterus, By GoFFE. 2. The Care and Feeding of Premature Infants, By Morse. 3. Sarcoma of the Uterus, with Remarks on Radiotherapy, By GR.\a 4. Persistent Mentoposterior Positions, By Reed. May 27, 1905. PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. purchase finpecia 1085 5. The Veast Treatment of Acute and Chronic Vaginitis and Endocervicitis, finpecia buy By Schiller. 6. Vaginal Atresia Ccwnplicating Labor, By Hirst. 7. Secondary Metastatic Implantation of Carcinoma in the Vagina, By Schumann. S. Hematoma of the Ovarv-, By Tate. g. The Uterine Curette, By Kelly.

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