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caused failure of detection by the sound. The patient had an ankylosis of the hip joint due to a pathological condition of childhood. The thickening was shown in the x ray picture. Enlarged Prostate. — Dr. Holmes further re- ported a case of enlarged prostate removed by perineal prostatectomy in Glycomet Price a man aged Glycomet 850 Mg seventy- two. The Glycomet 250 first attack of retention of urine had occurred five years ago. requiring catheterism for about two weeks. In August. 1904, there was a second attack, during which catheterism became difficult and painful. Dr. Holmes saw the case in Glycomet Sr 500 consultation, and subsequently did a perineal prostatectomy, which operation occupied thirty- one minutes, including the anassthetization. Later the patient refused catheterism. and the fistula re- mained in the perinseum (eighi: months after the operation). The man now had complete control over urination, the urine passing out altogether through the opening in the perinseum. He was in good health and conducting a successful busi- ness. Posterior Gastrojejunostomy for Benign Steno- sis of the Stomach. — Dr. \\'iLr.iAM H. AIorrisox presented the following case: A man. aged forty- four years, came under observation in August, 1904, Glycomet 500mg with evidences of almost Glycomet Gp complete stenosis of the pylorus and great dilatation of the stomach. During the previous four years there had been logo BOOK NOTICES-'MISCELLANY. N. Y. Med. .Toir. axd Phila. Med. Journal. three attacks of gastric hzemorrhage. He vom- ited almost daily, and in the vomited matters were frequently found articles that had been eaten one Buy Metformin Online or two days previously. There were great weak- ness and emaciation. No tumor could be de- tected. Posterior gastrojejunostomy with the Murphy button was done on Glycomet Gp1 November 4, 1904. Recovery from the operation was Glycomet 1gm rapid and complete. All symptoms of digestive disorder disappeared and the patient was able to eat and digest all varieties of food. Strength and flesh were rapidly ■ re- gained, and in four months the weight increased forty pounds. The button was not found. Dr. WiLLi.\M L. Rodman regarded the case as a proper one Glycomet 500 Sr for gastrojejunostomy, and agreed with Dr. Holmes that the Murphy button still had its place in gastric surgery. The operation of anterior gastrojejunostomy, he believed, Buy Metformin was passing out of use. Cerebrospinal Fever, or Epidemic Cerebro- spinal Meningitis.— Dr. James C. Wilson, m this paper, called attention to the importance of the recent Glycomet Sr epidemics of the disease in New York and elsewhere in this country. The affection, he said, tended to become naturalized and prevail ni the form of sporadic cases in those localities in which epidemics had occurred. He quoted the state- ment of Councilman that the Diplococcus mtracel- hilaris meningitidis was a feeble organism outside of the human body, had little resisting power to light Glycomet 500 Mg and drying, and was Glycomet 850 incapable of a sapro- phytic existence so far Glycomet Tablets as was known. It was probable therefore that the existence of the dis- ease was maintained by the sporadic cases. Dr Wilson considered the symptomatology and diagnosis of the disease at considerable length, and called attention to a form of it not generally recognized in which there were, early in the at- tack, Glycomet Gp2 svmptoms of acute nephritis. As prophy- lactic measures, isolation of the patient and thor- ough disinfection were recommended. The old treatment with opium or its derivatives was de- scribed, and some of the more recent therapeutic procedures, namely, the intraspinal injection of a I Glycomet Gp 2 per cent, solution of lysol and the use of diph- theria antitoxine serum, were spoken of as un- der investigation at the present time. Dr. James Tyson said that his experience with cerebrospinal fever during the past winter had been confined to a few cases seen at the Pennsyl- vania Hospital in the hands of his colleagues. He recalled the epidemic during which Dr. Stille s classical paper was written. There was a tradi- Glycomet Tablet tion he said, that the epidemic which occurred during the War Glycomet 500 of the Rebellion was introduced by reUirning soldiers, and there was also a popu- lar belief that the cause of the disease lay in

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