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instances, save life. Those are the cases of acute ulcer, in which Indocin Suppositories the haemorrhage is sudden, profuse, and repeated, and the menace to life too great to await the Indocin Iv slower results of medicinal remedies, or of hygiene and time ; also those of chronic ulcer, in which the recurrent haemorrhages show that the degenerated, gaping artery of the diseased surface may be obstructed for a Indocin Headache time with a clot, but will soon through its removal bleed afresh. Here there is but one way Indocin 25 Mg to obtain a cure and that is through an operation. Otherwise, when the stomach dilates, the orifice of the vessel becomes enlarged, hjemor- rhage recurs, and death will ultimately ensue. In cases of perforation of the Indocin Generic stomach from any form of ulcer of any duration, the formal indica- tion is to operate, and the sooner the operation is Buy Indocin done the better the chances of saving life. Instances of cure without operation are known, but they are very infrequent, and unless special conditions pre- vailed, such as an empty Indocin For Pda stomach, a very Order Indocin small per- foration, chronic adhesions to adjacent organs, etc., even those instances would not have been possi- ble. Of Indocin Vs Ibuprofen the twenty-nine cases of ulcer of the stomach collected by Dr. Traub from the records of St. Luke's Hospital for the past twenty years, twenty- four occurred in females and five in males. Of the men, three died ; one was cured ; one improved. Of the twenty-four female patients, one died, two were improved, and nineteen were cured. Only one of the twenty-nine cases was treated surgically. In that case, in a man, gastroenterostomy was done, and the patient died on the following day. In order to obtain interesting facts up to date, especially in New York hospitals, I have written to Indocin Injection prominent representatives Indocin Sr 75 of these institutions and made the following inquiries : 1. How many cases of ulcer of the stomach are in your hospital records during the past five or ten years Indocin And Ibuprofen ? 2. How many have been operated in and the na- ture of the operation? 3. Results of operation? 4. Results of medical treatment? 5 Have you made any examinations of stom- achal contents before and after operation ? Copyright, 1905. by A. E. Elliott Publishing Co. I094 ROBINSO.V: GASTRIC ULCER. I have also written to two physicians in charge of important private laboratories and to several well known hospital physicians and surgeons in New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The reports 1 have received would take some time to read and separately are not sufficiently interesting to justify at present that expenditure. Collectively, even, they have not given me as much that is important as proceeds from facts contained in the latest published papers on this subject. (See reports.) " During the past ten years there have been 52 cases of gastric ulcer admitted to the New York Hospital. Of these 35 were treated in the medical and 17 in the surgical wards. Of the 52 patients II died, which is a mortality of 21.75 P^r cent. There \vere 4 Indocin Tablets cases of relapse. Of 17 cases ad- mitted, or transferred to the surgical division, 14 cases were operated in. Six of these patients died and 8 recovered. The statistical facts of these few cases do not allow of any particular generaliza- tion," writes Dr. Samuel W. Lambert, " except to emphatically point out the fact that surgical pro- cedure Generic Indocin offers in certain cases the only road to re- covery."^ Dr. Joseph A. Blake's personal experience at the Roosevelt Hospital with perforating gastric Indocin Pda and duodenal ulcers is limited to 6 cases. Three Indocin Suppositories 100mg pa- tients died Indocin Suppository after operation ; 3 recovered. In one, so called, recovered case the patient " now, one and one half years since the operation, has some symp- toms of motor insufficiency, and I have recom- mended gastroenterostomy," writes Dr. Indocin 25mg Blake. In 5 cases operated in for hcvmorrhage by Dr. Blake there were 2 Indocin High deaths and 3 recoveries. In two of the latter " only three months " have elapsed since the operations. " The treatment of acute gastric ulcer," writes Dr. Blake, " is essentially medical, since in these cases the results are extremely good.

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