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last for operation. Examination revealed a deep crater-like depression behind the external angular process upon the right side, the skin tightly ad- herent. The centre of the depression was hard and firm. Operation, December 28. 1904. St. Joseph's Irfimary. Gave ether anaesthesia. A horseshoe incision surrounded the area of former operation, and the skin was with difficulty sepa- rated from the underlying dura. The thickened dura was opened, and found one eighth of an inch thick, covering a well defined cyst. A part of the anterior wall was cut away, and the cavity of the cyst Lovegra For Women needled. A plate of celluloid was anchored by the usual method, and the wound closed with continuous catgut suture. Complete healing in one week, plate smoothh' covering the opening, and undetectable by examination. Cheap Lovegra His improvement mentally began at once, and a letter from his mother a few days since informs me that his con- dition is so much improved that she is preparing to take him home in about four weeks. Though the duration of these cases does not give a very long observation of results, I feel safe in making the following claims for the routine application of this principle to all operations, where we are compelled to make openings of any size in the skull, or where a larger area has been removed by accident : First. — It is safe, does not add any extra risk to the operation, and the materials required are easih^ obtainable. Second. — It not only removes the pressure and irritation which we are endeavoring to combat, but by its resistance prevents a recurrence, from the subsequent Lovegra 100mg consolidation of the coverings in a false position, due to atmospheric Buy Lovegra Online pressure. Third. — It protects the patient from external influences, and not only Lovegra Tablets makes him feel safer, but actually safer. Fourth.^ — -It enables us to be much more un- trammelled in the amount of bone that we can remove. Fifth. — It prevents deformity, which, especially when beyond the Lovegra Uk hair line, is necessarily great in large bone removals, and this produces an impor- tant cosmetic result. Sixth. — It does away Lovegra Price with the necessity for in- troducing substances for preventing adhesion be- tween the scalp and dura mater. Seventh. — In the event of a necessity for sub- sequent invasion of the brain it enables us rapidly to reach the seat of trouble, without finding ad- hesions to confuse and obstruct. The Fat of the Land. — Dr. John W. Streeter's book of this name, having passed through many editions, has been issued Generic Lovegra in paper covers by Buy Lovegra the Macmillan Company at 25 cents. Every country practitioner who has an acre or more of land should read this charming and instructive work. June 3, 1905.] LE BRETON: SUBLUXATION FOLLOWING FRACTURE OF FEMUR. 1 105 RECURRING SUBLUXATION OF THE FEMUR AS AN UNUSUAL SEQUEL TO AN INCOMPLETE FRACTURE OF THE NECK OF THE FEMUR. By PRESCOTT LE BRETON, M. D., BUFFALO, ASSISTANT ATTENDING ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON TO THE ERIE COUNTY HOSPITAL. Owing to the recent work of Dr. Whitman, of New York, an increased interest has been taken of late in the subject of fractures of the neck of the femur, especially of the incomplete or green- stick fractures in children. The ordinary disabil- ity resulting in untreated cases of this kind is usually diagnosticated as some form of hip dis- ease by the family physician, but it is really a traumatic coxa vara with its own special symp- toms and treatment. The writer wishes to re- port the following case which resulted in Lovegra Online a unique condition : E. B., a schoolgirl, aged 15 years. Referred by Dr. Scofield, of Bemus Point, N. Y., and Dr. M.

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