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copal Hospital, of Philadelphia. The buildings are the Mary T. Hunter Memorial Home for Nurses, the INIary Burton Dispensary, a new am- bulance stable, and a power house. The build- ings cost about $120,000. The Kensington Hospital for Women Nurses Graduate. — On Tuesday, May 9th, the following nurses graduated from the Training School purchase praziquantel for Xurses of the Kensington Hospital for Women : Miss Anna E. Bennett, Miss Susan S. Cook, Mrs. Grace ^L Porter, Miss Willetta C. Bayliss, Miss Mary E. Ross, Miss Kathleen M. Mills, Miss Charlotte E. Matthews, Miss Barbara E. Diamond, and Miss Beatrice E. Boeshore. The praziquantel cost Honorable G. Harry Davis praziquantel tablets and Dr. Charles P. Noble praziquantel online de- livered addresses. Chester County Hospital Nurses. — generic praziquantel The annual commencement exercises of the Training School for Nurses of the Chester County Hospital were held in the chapel of the West Chester State Nor- mal School on May 26th. The following young women received the diploma of trained nurse: Miss Agnes McFarland, of praziquantel price Centre Square, Montgomery County; Miss Dorothy Paschall, of Newfield, N. J.; Miss Martha B. Pierce, of Upland, Delaware County ; Miss Alice A. Weed, of West Chester. Scientific Society Meetings for the praziquantel mg Week End- ing June 10, 1905. — Monday, June 5th, Philadel- phia Academy of Surgery; Biological and Micro- scopical Section, Academy of Natural Sciences. Wednesday, June 7th, College of Physicians ; As- sociation of Clinical Assistants of Wills Hospital. Thursday, June 8th, North Branch, Philadelphia County Medical Society ; Pathological Society. Friday, June 9th, Northern Medical Association; West Philadelphia Medical Association. A Pure Food Decision. — On May 24th, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania declared that portion of the act of June 26, 1893, commonly known as the pure food law, which provides order praziquantel against the adulteration of drinks buy praziquantel when described as foods to be unconstitutional. The opinion was handed down in the case of Kebort, of Crawford County, who was convicted of selling adulterated blackberry wine. This is the same rock on which the national pure food bill was wrecked ; but it seems that alcohol must become mixed with pure food laws as well as with politics. Jewish Maternity Hospital. moxidectin praziquantel — At a meeting of the new!}- elected board of directors of the Jew- ish ]\Iaternity Association a coinmittee of seven was appointed, with David T. Berlizheimer as chairman, to prepare plans for the adding to the hospital of the nursery annex suggested by the president, Mrs. S. Belle Cohn, in her annual re- port last week. Milton C. Stein was elected as- sistant secretary, and David Werner Amram, so- licitor. The following were elected to the medi- cal staft': June 3, 1905] NEJVS ITEMS. II23 praziquantel 600 mg Medical director— Dr. Isaac Leopold. Consulting ob- adjunct to the medical service of the hospital. stetnoans-Dr. Lijcy N. Tappan Dr. Joseph Price. Con- t, ,Tiedical staff has been studying the possible suiting surgeons — Dr. Lewis W. Stembach, Dr. Charles P. , ,. , . . /-i -n 1 order praziquantel online F . Noble. Consulting ophthalmologist— Dr. Isaac Leopold. relationship of neurofibrillar changes to insanity Consulting neurologist— Dr. Francis X. Dercum. Consult- and during the purchase praziquantel online year Dr. Ludlum published the ing pathologist— Dr. David Riesnian. Consulting derma- conclusions thus far reached. During the year J. F. Schamberg buy cheap praziquantel Consulting pediatrician- ^^^.^ advanced where to buy praziquantel students from the Graduate School praziquantel biltricide Dr. Eleanor C. Jones. Obstetricians and gvnascologists — ■ r ^i tt • -^ r n praziquantel uk 1 • t . .■ . Dr. Clara T. Dercum, Dr. Daniel Longaker, Dr. Helen of the University of Pennsylvania have studied Kirshbaum, Dr. Edwin A. Heller, Dr. Ludwig Loeb, Dr. the special forms of morbid mentation under the Leo H. Bemd. Pediatrician — Dr. L. Valentine Levi. Dis- direction of the professor of psychology. Dur- pensao- physicians-Dr. Clara T. Dercum Dr. Daniel Long- j^g ^he year the William Thomas Free Bed was aker, Dr. Helen Kirshbaum, Dr. Edwin A. Heller, Dr. Lud- r„„„ j j v 1 r a-. j ^i -n e wig Loeb, Dr. Leo H. Bernd, Dr. Moses Behrend, Dr. I. ^^""ded by a legacy of $5,000 under the will of Valentine Levi, Dr. Justin G. Schwerin, Dr. Ellis E. W. Mary E. T. Lord. Under the will of Hiram Given, Dr. D. A. Feldstein, Dr. Louis P. Steinhart. Resi- Brooke $^^,000 bequeathed to the institution was dent physician— Dr. Elizabeth F Lewis. Head nurse and ^sed for t'he buy praziquantel online foundation of the Hiram Brooke Free superintendent — Mrs. Blanche r. bchloss. Instructor in ^ , tt., ,i„_ iU„ -ii r c 1 buy praziquantel for humans at u n j massage and Swedish movemem to the Nurses' Training Bed. Under the wills of Sarah Marshall and School— Mr. Louis D. Sinker. Mary Marshall Johnson $8,669.50 was received The Health of the City .-During the week end- ^^ ^he corporation,

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