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the remedies. Of the diseases he cannot know anything except the symptoms. There are inter- nal changes, but it is impossible to learn what they are ; symptoms alone are accessible ; with their removal by remedies the disease is removed. Their eiTects can be studied in the healthy only. They act on the sick Buy Trental Online b)- causing a disease similar to that which is to be combated, and which re- solves itself into this similar affection. The full doses required to cause symptoms in the well are too large to be employed as remedies for the sick. The Order Trental Online healing power of the drug grows in an in- verse proportion to its substance. He says liter- ally : " Only potencies are homoeopathic medi- cines." Generic Trental " I recognize nobody as my follower but him who gives medicine in so small doses as to preclude the perception of anything medicinal in them by means either of the senses or of chem- istry." " The pellets may be held near the young infant when asleep." " Gliding the hand over the Purchase Trental patient will cure him, provided Trental 400 the manipulation be done with firm intention to render as mucl> good Trental Tablets with it as possible, for its power is in the Jienevolent will of the manipulator." Such is the homoeopathy of Hahnemann, which is no longer recognized in what is called homoeopathy to-day. .\ modern critic Purchase Trental Online (Tagel) says of Trental Injection Hahnemann's teaching that " his new system, which was an- nounced with ferocity, and appeared unintelligible and crude to a sound mind, could not but impress the multitude, which did not differentiate between one bad logic and the other. His contempt for actual observations and e.xperience pleased the igno- rant, his violent criticisms of everything preceding him appealed to the unschooled protestant mind; indeed, he compared his cause with the fight of Protestantism against Catholicism ; his very vio- lence tallied with the revolutionary spirit of the time ; the mysticism of the medicinal power of a substance when reduced to an unthinkable mini- mum was an astounding exemplification of the superiority of the spirit over the body ; the ridicule and persecution to which his teaching and his vehemence exposed him were claimed as martyr- dom." Moreover, the homoeopathists had a real Trental Generic martyr- dom. Some sixty years ago the regular profession of the United States turned against them with the same vehemence that was exhibited by Hahnemann himself and Buy Cheap Trental his first apostles. That was taken by the American public as unfair ; it always takes the .•^ide of those who are or Order Trental appear to be persecuted. From that time dates the success of homoeopathy in America, and its conquest of the hearts and minds of a large portion of the public. That is why homoeopathy had a longer life than Pentoxifylline Trental any other sys- tem which was the outcome of any man's mere thinking or mere imagining. Indeed, all systems are of that origin — Stahl's, Trental Price Brown's, Rademacher's, Thomson's, no matter whose. To-day, how- ever, medicine has reached that period of evolution which no longer permits it to be called a system. Since it came to be studied like one of the natural sciences, like biology, there are no schools any June lo. 1905.] McIXTOSH: HYPODERMATOCLYSIS. 1 147 more, but simply medicine. Homoeopathy also has Trental 100 Mg undergone changes like everything mortal in its own ranks. We in New York know that better than most States. Twenty-five years ago there were in our city a hundred medical shingles with the title Trental Cost homoeopath painted on them. I believe there has not been one these ten years. The examination papers of the State Board of Examiners are the same for all the three boards, with the exception Trental Mg of those questions which refer to materia medica. A goodly number of the practitioners who are called by the public by their former name never use it themselves ; there is no doubt that many who graduated from a homoeopathic college and are called homoeopaths by the ever faithful ladies of the hotel piazzas are satisfied to be practitioners of medicine. And I have reason to believe that the time is not distant when there will be no school, no sect, but medicine only. If a practitioner, after having, by passing his examinations, satisfied the people of the State that he Trental Indications Buy Trental is competent, chooses with the consent of his patient to regulate his therapeu- tical measures to suit himself or his patient, Trental Online that is his own taste or business. For remember what we have sworn to in our Hippocratic oath : " I will fol- low that system of regimen which according to my ability and judgment I consider for the benefit of

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