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(5) {Annals of Surgery, August, 1904), Vibramycin Cost which strength of solution has the same freezing tempera- ture as the blood. " If the solution is too concen- Vibramycin For Acne trated the red cells shrink ; if too dilute they first swell and later part with their haemoglobin. The question of shrinking or swelling of the cells is determined by the osmotic effect and not by the chemical composition of the fluid. The osmotic behavior of blood plasma and saline solution is shown by a method based on the fact that two solutions having the same freezing point Vibramycin 50mg have the same osmotic pressure. Hasmotocrit determina- tion of the salt solution in which red cells neither shrink nor swell gives about 0.9 per cent. This then seems to be about the proper strength to use." The physiological effect Buy Cheap Vibramycin of hypodermatoclysis (probably) is to stimulate the ductless glands, causing an increase of the internal secretions. Cer- tainly an increase of the leucocytes with a conse- quent increase of the enzyme, cytase, or alexin, in- creased phagocytosis, with an increase of Ehrlich's receptors; a verj- decided addition to the salts of the serum with an increase or restoration of its hemolytic power ; an Vibramycin Acne increase in the alkalinity of the serum which, as has been shown, adds greatly to its bactericidal properties. The clinical Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate effects of hypodermatoclysis are to raise the blood pressure, and to strengthen and regulate the pulse. The in- crease of the erythrocytes enables the blood to carry more oxygen, and the respirations are deeper and less rapid ; the blood and tissues are more thorough- ly oxygenated; the skin becomes moist (and warm if cold before). Diuresis is Order Vibramycin increased; the mind becomes clearer, sleep is promoted, the appetite is improved, the patient is encouraged, and there is a feeling of well being. The following cases will illustrate the good ef- fects of hypodermatoclysis : Case I. — Hamorrhage and Shock. — This man was brought to the Marine Hospital at Louisville, Ky., suffering from the following injuries: The right leg had been torn off at the knee by being caught in the hawser line of a steamer, as she was being tied up. The line had become entwined around the man's leg and as Vibramycin Tablets the vessel swung around, the leg was first lacerated and fractured and then pulled off. Both bones of the left leg were also fractured. The shock was intense ; there had been great loss of blood, the man being almost exsanguinated ; hypodermatoclysis was begun at once, hot salt solution being used, and a rapid am- putation at the middle third of the thigh was made. The man had bled so much before reaching the hospital, that there was no oozing from the stuinp ; not even a jet from the femoral when pressure above was removed. The vessels could only be tied by knowing their relations ; this all occupied about Vibramycin Syrup three quarters of an hour and during this time 1,000 c.c. of saline solution had been absorbed and the pulse at the Vibramycin Mg wrist was perceptible. No one present thought the man could live, but the hypodermato- clysis was kept Buy Vibramycin Online up and Purchase Vibramycin Online 3,000 Order Vibramycin Online c.c. was injected and absorbed in the next eight hours ; that is, up to 9 a. m. At this time the patient was conscious, the pulse fast, but regular; during the day 2,000 c.c. more of the solution was used, the patient was given beef juice, wine, etc. This man recovered and when last I saw him was a living monument on a wooden pedestal, a pillar of salt, as it were, proclaiming the efficacy of hypodermatoclysis. Case II. — La grippe. Double pneumonia. White, male, age 31 years, place of nativity, Maine. En- tered the hospital suffering from influenza. In a few days he developed pneumonia in left lung. The clinical notes state : Pronounced dulness at apex of left lung, both behind and in front, with crepitant rales in left side posteriorly ; also considerable pain in left side ; mucous and moist rales throughout chest; hyperresonance on right side; temperature. 40° C. ; pulse weak Vibramycin Antibiotics and irregular Generic Vibramycin ; stimulants and creosotal were used. Two days later (November 2 1 St) the right lung noted as being affected like the left, percussion showing marked dullness on both sides with crepitant and moist rales throughout chest. Pulse weak and irregular; missing every seventh Vibramycin Suspension beat, gaseous and easily compressible. No effusion in pericardium. Strychnine and nitro- glycerin every four hours. November 22nd, pa- tient extremely weak, pulse Vibramycin Indications irregular, missing one in every five beats and wavering. Respirations, 60 a minute, temperature subnormal 35.8° C, about 96.5° F. Skin cyanosed and bathed in cold perspira- tion, pupils dilated, man seemed to be dying; 1.500 c.c. hot saline solution injected under Vibramycin Hyclate the skin of abdomen (hypodermatoclysis), patient reacted, Vibramycin Antibiotic skin became warm, pulse stronger and more regular, missing one in twenty. Stimulants continued, strychnine, digitalis, etc. November 23rd, man again in collapse, temperature 36° C, pulse thready, 120 a minute ; hypodermatoclysis again resorted to, 1.500 c.c. of solution being used; patient reacted slowly, slept some through the night, first good sleep he has had for several days. From this time patient improved and made a good recovery.

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