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ness. The eruption is an example of zoster lum- bofemoralis and consists of a large number of patches of various sizes, the largest one contain- ing fully one hundred lesions. The lesions vary in size from a pin head to a pea and only a few of the larger lesions have coalesced to form bul- lae. A large number of the lesions did not con- tinue to the development of well formed vesicles, but seemed to abort in an early vesicular stage, the contents being serosanguineous in character imparting to the lesions a dark red color. Some of the lesions contained very little blood and oth- ers had clear serous contents. The case was one of zoster with haemorrhage into some of the le- sions and was not therefore Buy Vytorin one of pure hemor- rhagic zoster. Brownish crusts covered the le- sions which crusts were subsequently thrown off in the usual manner. The entire cutaneous area occupied by the lesions showed a haemorrhagic exudation into the tissue giving the surface a dark color. Previous to the appearance of the eruption there was a Vytorin 10 Mg numb feeling of the Vytorin Online part — anaesthesia — as the patient could Generic Name For Vytorin prick himself with a needle without causing any pain. He had also anorexia, fever, and sleeplessness. The numbness disap- peared three days later and one day before the appearance of the eruption. It was followed by sharp, lancinating pains which continued in vary- ing degrees for several days until he was treated for this condition. The case is still under my care, hence at the present time a complete history of it cannot be given nor a statement made whether there will be a recurrence of the pain. The microbic origin of the disease may be as- sumed from the history of this case as evidenced in the (i) prodromal symptoms, (2) definite course and, more particularly, (3) haemorrhagic character of the exudation Generic For Vytorin 10 40 in a large number of Vytorin Gel the lesions, while some of the other lesions con- tained clear Vytorin Generic Equivalent serum. There is a form called zoster hjemorrhagicus in which the haemorrhagic vesicle is the type. The vesicles usually burst in this form and an ulcera- tion occurs with destruction of tissue, as there is always more or less destruction of the cutis papil- lae. After Generic Vytorin 10 40 perhaps a period of two or three months the part heals by granulation or cicatrization. This haemorrhagic form seems to occur more fre- quently in zoster occupying some portion of the head region, especially zoster ophthalmicus. A mixed infection occurs in some cases from pyogenic organisms, resulting indirectly from scratching or other injury to the lesions, and an , impetiginous-like condition arises Generic For Vytorin which may make the original zoster lesions difficult of recog- nition. Cases of bilateral zoster occur exceptionally either on corresponding regions or on those quite distinct from each other. The eruption is preceded in the majorit)' of cases by pain in the region where the cutaneous lesions appear. This pain varies from a dull ach- ing or throbbing to a sharp lancinating, and is often burning or itching in character, accom- panied at times by paroxysms most severe at night. It may be Vytorin Statin so intense as to interfere with the use of the muscles of the part and Is There A Generic For Vytorin when sit- uated in the thoracic region may cause Cost Of Vytorin Vytorin Discount Card the phy- sician to suspect an attack of pleuritis. It may even affect Vytorin Cost neighboring nerves outside of the dis- eased cutaneous area and Vytorin Cholesterol may be quite dispro- portionate in intensity to the extent of the erup- tion. Sometimes pain may Vytorin Generic Name be absent, especially in children, Merck Vytorin but, as already mentioned, it is usually present in a greater or less degree in nearly Vytorin Price all cases. This diflference in the amount of pain is due possibl}' to a difference in the intensity of the in- flammatory process at the seat of the cutaneous lesions, or to the injuring action of this process on the spinal ganglia. It might also be attrib- utable, in the case of children, to a difference in the histological structures of the parts at this period of life, or to a lessened virulence of the organisms and their toxines in consequence of which there is less injury to the tissues or to both. As an example of long continued hypersensi- tiveness and even pain I will cite a case I saw some weeks ago of a woman aged 45 years, who had Is Vytorin A Statin had a severe attack of zoster occipitocoUaris, one j'ear ago. As reported to me, the eruption consisted of patches that were both numerous and large. The lesions were well developed, forming large bullae in most of the patches and lasting about twenty days before drying up. This patient informed me that she had never been entirely free of pain, tenderness, itching, or discomfort in tlie affected region since the time of the eruption,

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